Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1-

Weighed myself this morning 294.4 LB. Not the heaviest I have ever been, but pretty close. Starting on a good note however, I weighed 295.6 LB a week ago! 

Had eggs for breakfast, just eggs. Oh! and black coffee! 

Hit the Gym around 9:00 A.M. Did a 14 minute mile. This will be a good judge of how I am doing as I improve that number!

Lunch: More eggs with ham.

Dinner: 2 Bubba Burgers (I have a feeling I am going to be eating a lot of those). I did spice them up a bit though! I cooked up some cabbage, onions, and a couple strips of bacon to go on top! I also had a little bit of tomato (1/4 cup as I am not supposed to have a lot, or tomato sauce) and a mustard sauce!The whole thing was quite tasty! 

Anybody that might have recipes or useful suggestions they are more than welcome! 


  1. Drop the bacon Cuz! Working at the hospital and with patients diets you should keep you fat intake to 50 grams a day. And what the heck is a bubba burger? Stick with pork and chicken, and fish. And have two veggies choices, like salads and a hot one. Love you! Bon

  2. Oh ya where are the Veggies???