Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 4 -

Hello Everyone,
Day 4 started out as a wonderful surprise! My weight is down to 288.4 LB! Nearly 6 LB since day one! Woo-Whoo! As my day went on though I was less and less excited. We had a cook-out at work as we do every other Saturday, and it was quite a challenge not to want to eat all of the things I can't have like Fudge Rounds, Swiss Rolls, and chips, but the harder ones were the ketchup and relish because I am so used to putting them on so many foods. The other problem I am having is the lack of support at work, there are a select few that support me 100% but there are others who almost seem like they are supporting my failure 110% and my success
-110%. It could be that they hate the fact that I am not like them and have the drive to make myself a better person, or it could be that they are just ass-holes, and for the most part I am going with the latter option. But day 5 is a new day and I will make it work.

Breakfast- Eggs and Turkey Bacon (not my favorite I must add)

Lunch- Bratwurst with Cheese and Mustard

Supper- More Eggs and Turkey Bacon


  1. Condamints do not count against you in any diet you do not eat enough to have them equal anything. Unless you decide to eat a 1/2 cup of ketchup. What kind of diet are you on, that you are not eating a salad with you lunch and supper along with other veggies?

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go! I know some people can be frustrating, but just remember that you're doing this for you. They don't matter, you do!

  3. You really are doing great love, I'm so proud of you and those guys are assholes but I think they are also jealous as you said, they don't have the strength to change like you do. Lookin' good my love! *Rawr!* :D