Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2 -

So today was a bit interesting on the diet side of life. I had to work today and there are several temptations at nearly all times. The biggest being the popcorn machine. I have to admit that I did goof-up a little I had a single piece of popcorn, and then when I went to get some more I stopped myself but that first piece snuck up on me. I had eaten it before I even new it had happened. Note to self... BE MORE AWARE OF WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH! Other than that not much else happened. I didn't lose any weight yet, not that I thought that I would, so still at 294.4 LB.

Breakfast - Eggs and Black Coffee

Lunch - Raw Tomato (1 medium)

Supper - Scrambled Eggs and a slice of sandwich ham

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